Super Star Patch V.1 2019 - PES2019

Features of Patch
Added the Evoswitcher tool with the latest update 5.0, 5.1
Added a large number of  faces and Update a large number of faces
Update all Kits for Teams and National Teams
Adding all Leagues and teams and unlicensed National Teams in the game
Patch compatible with latest Data Buck 6
Update all transfers for all teams on 9/6/2019
Add a large number of mini face  to all teams and National Teams
Add the feature of playing all the matches of the Champions League at night and not during the day
Update all Scoreboards for all Leagues for the latest update
And many features you discover yourselves
Patch is compatible with STEAM and CPY game
 Data Pack is compatible with the STEAM and CPY game
 Don't Forget Download All Data Pack 1-6 AIO Because Not built-in Patch
 You need to download the FIX with PATCH to avoid any problems if you do not download FIX. We are not responsible for any problem you encounter in the PATCH
 Prefer to download the  from our official site to avoid any problems you encounter with the Data Pack
We also prefer to download Data Pack from our official website so you avoid any problems with the patch
 The Patch does not change in the Game Play at all
 Added anti-lag tool so that the owners of weak devices to run the game without any problems
 Evoswitcher tool 5.0 and 5.1 compatible with STEAM and CPY game without any problems have been solved all the problems and make them work with STEAM and CPY game



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