PES 2019 Ligue 1 Scoreboard v2 by FuNZoTiK

New version of Ligue 1 Scoreboard with good time position and realistic textures.

  • Compatible with all languages : I used ingame texts, not just textures, so words will change according to the language ("Remplaçants" will be "Substitutes" in english, etc)
  • Exhibition and Master League compatible
  • Logo of added time can't be better (more centered in real TV scoreboard). In fact, the normal time (with the top part of the logo) overlaps the added time. This last has the bottom part of the logo. So, when the added time appear, the logo become entire ! 
I want to thanks @Cesc Fabregas for all textures i used from his 2018 scoreboard and @Hova_Useless for the help provided (time moved to the left and many important things). Like always, thanks to @Txak for all coding found to make the scoreboard editing possible.
  Credits : @Cesc Fabregas , @Hova_Useless , @Txak , @FuNZoTiK


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