PES 2020 CrowdServer Module by nesa24

Whats is it?
CrowdServer is module for sider that manages crowd scale based on HomeTeamID.

How To Install CrowdServer in eFootball PES 2020 PC:
– Install Sider 6 (latest version)
– Extract, copy both CrowdServer.lua and CrowdServer.txt to \modules folder
– Open sider.ini with notepad and add this line

lua.module = "CrowdServer.lua"

– Save sider.ini file, open sider.exe and play PES 2020 via Steam. 
How to configure?
Open CrowdServer.txt and set team id and crowd scale and know that 1 is default

# CrowdServer for PES 2020 sider [ HomeTeam ID, CrowdScale ] [ 1 = default and dont go over 2 as it will make crowd overscaled ]
101, 2
186, 0.5

In example above you have setup x2 crowd if Arsenal is home team;
And half the crowd if Bologna is home team.

Is this working for simple friendly matches? Yes.

Is crowd sound (chants/cheering) also changing accordingly? No.

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