New Menu ML Liga Santander For PES 2020 by xcdf86

This Menu it´s just a edited version from previous
works from Hawke, Andò12345, Furkan6141 and 1002MB
All the credits for them.

For use this Menu It´s it is necessary to download and install the great mod
“League Backgrounds” from Furkan 6141

There is 3 folders in the download:

The folder “La Liga” have to be drop
in the next route inside the sider folder content\LeagueBackgrounds and replace the files when ask it.

The folder Liga Santander ML have to be drop inside the folder livecpk in the
sider folder.

The folder colours have a different files with different colours so if anyone wants can change the main color menu for the LM if you want…
You just have to take the colour that you want and drop in the next route and replace it
Liga Santander ML\common\menu\general

and finally it is necessary to add this line to the sider
cpk.root = ".\livecpk\Liga Santander ML"

Don´t forgot to install the League Backgrounds from Furkan 6141.


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