PES 2020 Santiago Bernabéu Stadium by Ttb

PES 2020 Estadio Santiago Bernabéu – reworked the lighting for the Santiago Bernabéu CREATED BY MJTS-140914 ( With TEXTURES by MYMRanger ) This fixes the awfully bright daylight and bright players problem as well, when playing daytime games in the Stadium.
Essentially, I tried to use lighting from many different stadiums until I found the one that was just right. Also managed to get the Enlighten™ Lighting (Only during Summer/Fine – Night) in matches. Plus, I found out that FuNZoTiK ‘s tunnel mod works for PES 2020 as well, so I have added the tunnel for the Stadium in there too!
Winter lighting will also be the same, just nightime will not have Enlighten™.

How to install:
1. Install Sider (latest version)
2. Install Stadium Server for PES 2020
3. Extract PES 2020 Stadium with WinRAR, copy extracted folder to
4. Open map_teams.txt and copy this line inside map_teams.txt.
109, 021, Santiago Bernabéu, Santiago Bernabéu

Stadium ID : 021. Hope you guys enjoy it!
MJTS-140914 – For creating the stadium from scratch and converting it for PES 2020.
MYMRanger – For the Texture update to the Stadium.
FuNZoTiK – Whose PES 2019 Tunnel I have used.



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