PES 2020 Estadio El Molinón by AlexFreen

PES 2020 Estadio El Molinón by AlexFreen

    Team ID : 363
    Stadium ID : 009
    Created by Arthur Torres for PES 2019 (converted by AlexFreen for PES 2020)

    This is the home of Sporting Gijón From LaLiga 2, tested and is working perfectly.

    How to install El Molinón in Stadium Server:
    – Install latest Sider version by Juce
    – Install Stadium-Server by Zlac
    – Extract this stadium using winrar and extract to \content\stadium-server\
    – Open map_teams.txt with text editor and copy this line inside map_teams.txt:

      363, 009, El Molinon, El Molinon #Sporting Gijón
    – Save, run sider, then start game via Steam and enjoy!

    Installation For Stadium El Molinón as CPK:
    – Extract the archive – 117.8MB, create and copy .cpk file to 2020\download\ folder
    – Open and select DP in DpFileList Generator by Baris
    – Add .cpk as last checked, generate new DpFileList and enjoy game.

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