PES 2020 Tightkit Sider Module by Juce

It is a small Lua module for those who prefer one particular style of kits for all teams.
Any kit for any licensed team will have its TightKit attribute enforced at runtime to either 1 (tight) or 0 (loose) – depending on what global setting you choose. So you can either have all of your teams have tight kits or all of your teams have loose kits. Overlay control provides an easy way to toggle the global setting.
This module works with any patch, with kitserver or without it, and with clean game too.
See readme.txt file inside the zip – on how to install it.

IMPORTANT note for Kitserver users
(this is also mentioned in readme.txt, but ya know… who reads those?)
If you have Kitserver, then put tightkit.lua below kserv.lua in your sider.ini. Like this:

lua.module = "kserv.lua"
lua.module = "tightkit.lua"

Simple Tutorial [Link] by Juce.



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