PES 2020 Campeonato AFP PlanVital Scoreboard by ryudek

This mod is the scoreboard Campeonato AFP PlanVital for PES 2020 and includes a CDF (official broadcaster of the Chilean League) replay, modded by ryudek!
Add the next line to your map_competitions:

67, Campeonato AFP PlanVital
I haven’t made the textures for a penalty shootout, but this same scoreboard is used for the Copa Chile MTS (Chilean Cup), so, if you want to, add the next line too:
68, Campeonato AFP PlanVital

[Download] + [Fix] (paste on the folder)

MUST give credits to both Andò12345 and Hoppus117 for giving me permission to use their DAZN Serie A TIM scoreboard as base for this whole scoreboard. Check out their stuff: it’s great!
Also big thanks to 1002MB for helping with the HEX Editing!
Hope you guys enjoy it! Dedicated to all the Chile PES players :)


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