PES 2020 Sider 6.3.4 For PC by Juce

What is new:
– support for 1.05.00
– bi-directional cycling through modules in overlay
– improvement for “get_stadium_name” event – to better work with the schedule bar in Master League.
The cycling through modules became a bit of a hassle with just “1” key. Especially, if one has over a dozen of modules and is trying to quickly get to a CommonCam.lua module deep down the list, and presses the button just one more time, by mistake ;). So added another hot key – to go in the opposite direction. By default the key is “~” (located next to the “1” on many keyboards), but you can of course change it to whatever key you like, just like all other key bindings. That is done in sider.ini.


Source code:
Lastly, the source code for Sider is freely available on Github. If anybody wants to look inside to learn how Sider works, or build it themselves from source – you have that opportunity. (Disclaimer: I provide no support for setting up a build environment or explanations for logic in the source code. You are on your own there): [github].



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