PES 2018 GFX MOD 1.1 (ReShade Presets Suite)

Extract all files to PES 2018 main folder.
Once you've extracted the content, open the file 'dxgi.ini' with Notepad and change the paths according to where you've extracted the files (pointing to YOUR PES 2018 folder).

If something goes wrong and Reshade fails to start or if it shows any error messages, then it's because you've done something wrong there. So please double check your dxgi.ini file.

Example: in dxgi.ini file, where it says
TextureSearchPaths=F:\2016\STEAM\steamapps\common\PRO EVOLUTION SOCCER 2018\reshade-shaders\Textures
You have to change it to:

TextureSearchPaths=PATH TO YOUR PES 2018 MAIN FOLDER\reshade-shaders\Textures

- First of all, I suggest you turn 'BLOOM' off in PES 2018 rendering settings.
-Set ingame Brightness/Contrast to 55/45 respectively OR to 35/8. Depending on which preset you've chosen to use.
-You may need a high end PC in order to run PES smoothly with my ReShade presets ON (also, make sure your ReShade is set to 'Performance Mode' by pressing the TAB key on your Keyboard and go to the Settings Tab).
-I'm using Phantom and RainyHancer Turfs pack. I can't guarantee how these presets will look on Konami's default pitches.
-These presets are meant to improve the overall visual immersion from your preferred cameras. Other graphics (Scoreboards, Menus, etc) may be affected undesirably, so you might want to toggle Reshade off (by pressing the PAUSE key on your keyboard) when not playing an actual match.
-Feel free to open the ReShade config by pressing the TAB key on your keyboard and switching off certain shaders such as: Gaussian Blur, Surface Blur, HighPassSharpen and Surface Sharpen because I know some of you won't like that. I do like the effect of blurred out pitches while maintaining player shapes sharpened though, that's why I added those shaders with those particular settings for each preset, otherwise everything looks a bit too noisy by default from Konami =)

Credit : Chuny


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