PES 2019 Danish Superliga scoreboard by Hova_Useless

This is my first scoreboard, for danish superliga, i will thank @FuNZoTiK for all help he has provided so far (and maybe in the future;))
This is the first version, it uses a lua script that will display a unique scoreboard for every possible match (team logos on the scoreboard itself).
I left all the text, that isn't ingame based, in danish so it will have immersion.
It should work for exhibition but the number of subs will make the formation card look a little wierd. I might change this later.
Let me know if there are any problems with matchups or anything

The file size is quite big (over 1 gb) because it actually includes 182 different scoreboards.
I will upload a version with just a default one, with empty boxes instead of team logos if you want a smaller file size.

Credit : Hova_Useless


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