PES 2019 Kitserver 1.2 by Juce

Installation is easy:
1. Unpack the archive and copy the content and modules folders into your sider.
2. Modify your sider.ini and add kserv.lua to the list of Lua modules:
lua.module = "kserv.lua"
– You will need a recent version of sider from here (latest version is 5.4.2)
– Kitserver requires sider 5.4.2 or newer to work.
This sider module, written in Lua, is a new take on that original idea of Kitserver. It allows a lot of freedom in managing kits (uniforms), and also makes it very simple for anyone to draw their own kit and add it to an existing collection. This overall hierarchy of kits – we call it “GDB” – is really just a way to organize kits into folders with a structure that hopefully makes sense and is simple enough to navigate.


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