PES20 Gameplay Mod by gabe.paul.logan

Update V3.2, changelog:
– More physicality. It’s harder to get the ball from the user/cpu.
– More realistic fouls. However the foul count might decrease but the previous tweak can lead to more realistic fouls.
– CPU attack is more horizontal. It rather plays build up and possession up front, which means less passing at the back with their defenders. (in competition still the cpu can cheat anytime with that, i havent tested hundreds of games)
– Possibly more shots from outside the box by the cpu compared to previous version.
– V3.1 with difficult direct free kicks, V3.2 with original Konami free kicks (user only)
– Suggested to use with latest Konami exe, no other gameplay mods

Installation: copy the folder “gameplay” to your “…\eFootball PES 2020\sider\livecpk\”
and add this to your sider.ini cpk.root = ".\livecpk\gameplay"

Credits: avok23, incas36, bromi and amartingil.
Note: AI dribbling and referee can’t be tweeked via dt18.cpk.



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