AL Hilal FC Start Screen For PES 17 - 18 - 19 By KING-PES

  • Al Shalhoub
  • Al-Braik
  • Carrillo
  • Gomez
  • Khreibin
How to Install:
  • Download & Extract files.
  • Copy the CPK into the folder
  • “C:\ .. \Pro Evolution Soccer 2017\download.
  • Generate dpfilelist.bin using DpfileListGenerator Tool
  • (Put this CPK into the Last Checked).
  • Play & Enjoy!
Credit: KING-PES
  • الشلهوب
  • البريك
  • كاريلو
  • جوميز
  • خريبين
كيفية التثبيت
استخراج الملفات
نسخ او نقل ملف CPK الى فولدر اللعبة في DOWNLOAD
تفعيل الاظافة باداة التفعيل DpfileListGenerator
ضع ملف CPK اسفل بقية الاظافات
العب .. انتهاء

صناعة: KING-PES


  1. You know how to change the second star screen press after the star screen first press in the grapich menu how to do it .. and the name of the bin file. that is what the problem is I want to change the background huh, where is the location yes what is generalized or where please tell me the problem I want to change the second star screen press after the first star screen in the grapich menu PES 2017

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