PES 2020 Hoppus117 Boots Pack V 5.5

This pack is an All-In-One version and includes:
100 boots and 30 Gloves + Hidden Content (boots and Gloves)
New Future Lab pack with New Reflection FX
New Spark pack wtih new 3D Model
Predator 20 + with new 3D Model
New Balance boots pack
Mizuno Golden Pack
ADD More Boots Special Edition and old silo
Fix some error and mistake.

boots&glove_assignment (currently updated to 90% “Serie A TIM”, 50% Premier League, 40% Liga Santander 15%BundesLiga. Other are by default with boots ID by konami, in the next few days will be updated next league and teams).

In EvoWeb Patch 4.0, it appears that in the OF, the Bundesliga teams (CYPES) are provided by boot assignments made with the internal editor, not compatible with my bootslist.bin.
So you have to go to edit mode and to each individual player, restore the default uniform style, in this way you can see the assignment.

How to install:
Delete all previous versions of my “bootspack” and “boot-root” (This Is an AIO Version)
Extract the folder “Hoppus117 Boots Pack eFootball PES 2020 V 5.5 AIO”
Open this folder, inside copy and paste the “boot-root” folder in your \\eFootball PES 2020\sider-6.3.1 or +\livecpk folder
Open your sider.ini with notepad (root: \\eFootball PES 2020\sider-6.3.1 or +) and copy the command line

cpk.root = ".\livecpk\boot-root"
placing it on top (1st place in the list of live cpk) if you have other mods installed. IMPORTANT: Check that you have enabled live cpk in sider.ini (more details here)
File/save and you have installed correctly!!!

Special thanks for:
My fellow modders incas36 *Supernova* Holland PaulPogba56 SimoMoki and all members of the Italian’s PES Modders 💖
Master Tisera09 for his bootspack and glovespack used as a base and for his extraordinary work.
Hawke for his precious help. :BEER:
Juice for Sider tool.
Devil Cold52 and @Tunizizou For the other tools.


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