SP Football Life 2023 - Update 3.2

Update 3.2 for SP Football Life 2023
version 3.20/exe 23.3

update summary:
  • database updates and fixes
  • added new players to the database
  • gameplay enhancements
  • added more updated kits
  • added more CPU support
update notes:
  • this update requires game version 3.00 or newer, this update includes 3.1
  • this update will install a new edit file that includes transfers and enhancements, however, the previous edit file from version 3.0 or 3.1 can be used, in this case, make a backup before updating.
  • all modes started with any version of football life 23 can continue after updating. 
Update details:

- database updates
the database is in constant review and upgrade, every version add more updates to the database, including the addition of hundreds of new players, various player attributes corrections, and enhancements.

- gameplay updates
included many small enhancements and tweaks in the gameplay.
gameplay tweaks affect many aspects as any change in any value will affect other aspects, tweaks can be felt in passing and receiving passes, teammate's anticipation, and the AI actions and reactions to various situations.

- graphics updates
included more updated kits and added minor fixes for various teams in various leagues, other graphic enhancements and fixes are applied in every update.

- added more CPU support
added a new game launcher for mobile support and a lower-end new-gen CPU
FL_2023 start M.exe
 This is for the following processors:
Desktop Intel core i3 13100/12300/12100
Laptop Intel core i7 1270P/1260P
Laptop Intel core i5 12600H/12500H/12450H/1250P/1240P

see the full compatibility list
Install instructions:
  • be sure to install update 3
  • extract and run the installer (SPFL23_320.exe) as administrator
  • start the game from the main launcher (FL_2023 start.exe)
(other launchers are available, see the compatibility list)

* close the game before updating
* run installer and game as administrator
* for help, see the FAQ section


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